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realizing 4k video playing at 60fps, fhd with smoother and more detailed picture



realizing transmission of higher quality picture via internet, and supporting most 

advanced video decoding technology at present

400r golden curvature

in normal chinese families the viewing distance is usually 3.5m to 4.5m. according

 to human engineering, the best viewing size at this distance is 55 inch. the best 

viewing distance of 400r is 4m, so it features the golden

surface design

konka curved tv is applying new curved surface imaging technology, 

which is consistent with the human-eye visual characteristics. 

designed according to the optimum curve radian, you can have the

best effect at the distance of  

4 k ultra high definition technology

by using lgd 4k and 4 color high color gamut hard screen, tv is 

presenting the same realistic perfect quality image from every angle. even

 the edge of the picture appears no color aberration. hard screen has stable

 4k liquid crystal molecular structure with no ghost or flicker phenomenon 

when touched.

elegant curve design

konka led786 tv has arc shape body and clear lines. framed with aluminum and black 

plastic materials, it forms a double colors surrounding profile. the black surface is 

hard metal with grinding process and the bright 

abundant terminal design   

upgrading rm/rmvb to 720p hd format to access all kinds of media devices used by the current family, such as dvd, mobile phone, digital camera, computer,

usb flash drive and hard disk. the hdmi 1.4 interface can finish full nondestructive transmission of the hd audio frequency.

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